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Sai Baba Gita

The Way to Self-Realization
and Liberation in this Age

Compiled and edited by Al Drucker
Published by Atma Press
Web posted at Mar 22, 2000

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Sai Baba
Introduction to the Gita
The Essence of the Gita

Part One - Path of Devotion

I. Love and Duty - The Path of Perfection

Self-Knowledge is God-Knowledge
Faith in Yourself and Faith in God
The Formless takes a Form
Divine Consciousness
Work, Worship and Wisdom
Extinction of Delusion

II. Surrender - Transformation of Man into God

The Universe
The Path of Devotion
The Highest Self is God
The Unlimited Power of God
The Devotee is even greater than God
You can bind God with the Power of Love
From Duality to Non-Duality
Near and Dear
Show no Hatred towards any Being

III. Earning God's Love

The Love of God
True Joy
Courage and Steadiness
Worship of God with and without a Form
Only the Formless is the Permanent Aspect of the Lord
Steady your Mind by Worshipping the Divinity with Form
Worshipping the Formless God in your Heart
Inner Peace and Contentment
Love All

IV. Inner Inquiry - The Path of Wisdom

The three Stages on the Wisdom Path
God is the Master of Time
The Veil of Illusion
The World as a River of Truth and Untruth
Hold on to God alone
Conquer your Senses
Give your Burdens to God
Surrender fully to God

V. Find God in your own Heart

The Indwelling God
Within the Body is Pure Consciousness
See God in Everything
The Diseases of Mankind
Seek the Lord inside your own Body
Harmonize all your Thoughts, Words and Deeds
Forbearance, the Primary Spiritual Quality
You can experience God through Love alone

VI. The three Stages on the Spiritual Path

Know that God is here then experience God directly
The Cowherd Boy
Anguished Yearning for the Lord's Presence
The Vision of the Lord
Beyond Dualism
Becoming One with the Lord
The three Stages in Secular Life
Knowing, Seeing and Becoming One with the Divinity
Reaching the Abiding Peace of the Immortal Self
The Sacred Names of Arjuna

VII. Restraining the Tongue in both Food and Speech

The Dual Power of the Tongue
Control of the Tongue
Develop a Discriminating Mind
Purity of Food, the Cooking Vessels and the Cook
The Blessing - Offering Food to God
The Role of the Tongue in Speech
The Story of the Officer and the Preceptor
The Power of Words
Sacrifice and Forbearance
Talk wastes Spiritual Energy
Efface Selfishness, Pride and Jealousy

VIII. You can reach God through Love alone

Meditation and Devotion are One and the Same
The Housholder and the Monk
I Am God
From the Form to the Formless
Surrender to the Divinity within You
Transforming Desires into Wisdom
Renouncing the Fruits of your Labor
Love is the Root of all Spiritual Practices
Fill your Heart with Love and Faith
Love is the most important of all Human Qualities

IX. Desire and Anger - The Twin Evils

Use Sacred Thoughts to destroy Dark Thoughts
Good Character, Good Behavior and Knowledge of the Self
Divine Power and Physical Power
The three Worlds and the Lord Beyond
Wherever you look you see your One Self
You are not a Sinner - You are God
The Sweetness of the Servant Path
Controlling Desires and Anger
Attraction and Repulsion
Character - Not Belief is what is important

X. Love and Sacrifice - The Cure for Desire and Anger

The Fire of Desire
Make Love the Dominant Force in your Life
The Nature of Anger
Sacrifice conquers Desire
The Pest of Desire and Hatred
Let all the Noble Human Qualities Shine within you
Replacing Bad Habits with Good Habits
Steady Practice is the Key to all Accomplishments in Life
Keeping the Senses within their Normal Limits

XI. True Renunciation - Focus on God, not the World

Control of the Mind
Make the Best Use of Every Object
Harischandra and Buddha
Worldly Attachments are like Poison
King Janaka's Dream
The Anguish of Separation from God
True Renunciation is Turning your Mind towards God

XII. Detachment - Unifying Thoughts, Words and Deeds

Detachment leads to Self-Realization
Attachment to Objects which you think belong to You
Give up the Fruits of your Actions
Everything undergoes Change
Constant Practice
The three Austerities, Physical, Vocal and Mental
Better be Quiet than Tell an Untruth
Every day observe a period of Silence
Free Yourself from all Bondage

XIII. Time wasted is Life wasted

Start your Spiritual Practice when you are Young
Do not waste your Youth
Use your Body for the Sake of God
You cannot start Spiritual Life when Death is at the Door
True Human Life involves Discrimination and Renunciation
Keep your Concentration unwaveringly on God
Be Steady in your Practice
Tell the Truth but use Discretion in your Words
The Four Types of Anger

XIV. Remember God - Forget the World

Find out Who you truly are
Youth is the most precious period of Life
Develop Self-Confidence and a firm Resolve
Birth is Sorrowful, Life is Sorrowful and Death is Sorrowful
The Field and the Knower of the Field
The Whole World is Illusion
The four Types of Devotees
The Story of the wealthy Man and his four Wives
God answers Everyone's Requests
You are not Mortal, you are Immortal

Part Two - Path of Wisdom

XV. Give up Self-Delusion - Know your Real Self

Infatuation and Attachment lead to Sorrow
Infatuation will Destroy your Courage and Will
Ignorance is the Cause of all Sorrow
The Cure for Ignorance
The War between Selfishness and Selflessness
Foresight and Compassion - Qualities found in a Pure Heart
The Transformation from Kinsman or Friend to Disciple
Be Courageous, Be Fearless, Be Discriminating

XVI. Banish Ignorance and Sorrow will leave you Forever

Your true Nature is Eternal Joy
The Body is the Outer Garment that you, as Pure Spirit, Wear
This Body is only One of Many you have Worn
Ignorance is being Unaware of your True Nature
The Danger of being Attached to the Body
You must Live the Teachings
Ignorance must be Completely Dispelled

XVII. Master your Senses and the Whole World will be Yours

The Transitory Nature of all Things
The 24 Impermanent Principles
The Immortal Self - Beyond the Ephemeral Individual
The Noble and the Ignoble
The Nature of the Sense Organs
Those Bound by the Senses are Destroyed by the Senses
The King who was Ruled by his five Wives
The Mind with its five Wives, the Senses
Being ever Vigilant in Controlling the Senses
Victory over the Senses through Self-Inquiry
Control of the Tongue, the first step in Sense-Control
The Pure Brother of the Impure Demon King

XVIII. You are the Indweller - You are not the Body or Mind

You are the Atma, You are God
Keep the Atma in View and Nothing can Harm You
Sense-Control is easy when you Understand the Senses
Realize the Transitoriness of all Sense Objects
Focus on the Divinity, Your True Self, and Do Your Duty
Intellect Surpasses all your Senses
A Wise Man never forgets the Atma
God does not wish to be Praised by Anyone

XIX. Sense Control - The Key to the Highest Wisdom

Sense-Control, the Foundation for Self-Knowledge
Sense Enjoyment is an Illusory Joy
All Joy comes only from the Self
Sense Objects can only give Temporary Joy
Body-Consciousness taints the Pure Love of the Self
Self-Knowledge gives the Greatest Joy
Beauty and Joy
The Light of Atma Illuminates Everything
The Joy of the Self is the only True Joy
Do not Drive with your Foot on the Brake
Detachment, Devotion and Sense-Control

XX. Worldly Knowledge is Useless without Self-Knowledge

The Light of Wisdom dispels the Darkness of Ignorance
Atma remains unchanged, the Individual changes
The two States of the Mind, Pure and Impure
Give the Mind some Peace - Turn it towards God
How to cross the turbulent River of Worldly Life
External Freedom and Inner Freedom
You need the Lord's Grace to Achieve Anything Worthwhile
God's Grace is earned through Purity of the Heart
There are many Beings but only One Underlying Divinity
Only Wisdom can conquer Ignorance
Develop Wisdom through Inner Inquiry

XXI. To Know the Divinity is to Become the Divinity

The Atmic Light gets Hidden by the Impure Senses
See Unity in all Diversity
You are a Human Being, not an Animal
Desire makes you Break your Resolutions
The Body is given to you to Realize the Indweller
Everything comes from the One Indwelling Divinity
Association with the Divinity makes you Divine

XXII. The three Worlds - The Gross, the Suble and the Causal

The five Elements, Gross and Subtle
Life is a Series of Waves
But for the Divine Principle, The World is totally Inert
The Artist who tried to Capture the Image of the Lord
To Reach the Permanent, Go Beyond the Impermanent
You are not just One but Three
Behind the Gross the Subtle, Behind the Subtle the Causal
Samadhi is Equal-Mindedness
You Alone are True
The Qualities of the Truly Wise

XXIII. Limit Desires, Be ever Content and you will be Dear to God

Be Satisfied, Do not Chase after Desires
You must Win God's Love
Contentment is the Real Wealth
Atma is never Born, Atma never Dies
Reduce Your Desires and Remember the Atma

XXIV. Patience and Forbearance - The Heart of Spiritual Practice

Realize the Atma through your Direct Experience
You gain Forbearance through Difficult Circumstances
The Tree, the River and the Cow
There are Times when you should Withhold Forbearance
When to Use Forbearance and when it is Inappropriate
Undue Haste and Delay are two Extremes to be Avoided
To Adhere to Truth is the same as Practicing Forbearance
You may have to Raise your Voice a little to Tell the Truth
Negative Qualities must be Uprooted and Destroyed

XXV. Jealousy and Hatred - Twin Pests that Destroy your Peace

Discover the Indweller through your own Inner Practice
The five Characteristics that make up Everything
Jealousy and Hatred
Being Jealous of the Divinity
The Divinity never has Selfish Motives
Conquer Jealousy and you can Conquer Anything
Forbearance will Overcome Hatred
Behind Jealousy and Hatred is Egoism
Destroy Egoism, Jealousy and Hatred with Love and Forbearance
Only through Love can you Experience God
Jealousy and Hatred Destroy those who Possess them

XXVI. Truth and Good Character - The very Breath of Life

Truth and Dharma
Truth needs to be established from the Earliest Age
Even a little Fib can lead to Unhappiness later
When one Bad Quality goes the Rest cannot long remain
Dharma is Changeless but its Practice Changes in each Age
Not Harming others is Dharma
Social Duty, Obligatory Duty and Family Duty
Sense-Control is the Key to Doing your Duty properly

XXVII. Kindness and Compassion - The Mark of a true Human Being

The Unity of the Self, the One Atma Existing Everywhere
Harmonization of Thought, Word and Deed
Kindness is the Hallmark of a true Human Being
A Child Suffused with the Nectar of Human Kindness
God showers His Grace on those who have Kindness
Inner and Outer Purity
Conquer your Inner Enemies
The Two Banks of the River of Life
The three Principles that take you to your Divine Goal

XXVIII. Fearlessness - Seeing the One Self in Everyone

Divinity is the Basis for Everything
Fearlessness is beyond Body-Consciousness
Fear of Death - The most Powerful of all Fears
Fearlessness is the very Nature of a Human Being
The Grand Meeting of all the Animals
In what Way are Human Beings better than Animals?
Through Effort Humans can Transform their Lower Nature
The vital Difference between Human Beings and Animals
Most Human Beings behave even Worse than Animals
When you have a Firm Faith in God you will be Fearless
Develop Good Qualities and Gain the Grace of the Lord

XXIX. Turn towards God and God will turn towards You

Sacred Vision
Chariot Festivals
The Chariot of the Human Body
The Field of the Heart
True Fearlessness
The Story of Gajendra, the Elephant
Turn your Vision towards God and See your Self
The Elephant of Arrogance and the Crocodile of Attachment

XXX. To Become Free - Surrender your Mind to God

Root Out the Weeds of Tamas and Rajas
Clean your Heart thoroughly to Welcome God there
Devotion, Wisdom and Detachment will keep you Pure
The Characteristics of Rajas
Remove all three Qualities and Gain Liberation
King Janaka's Challenge to Gain Self-Knowledge
Janaka achieves Self-Realization
For Self-Knowledge Total Surrender of the Mind is Required
Offer up your Mind to the Lord
Steady your Mind and your Body

Part Three - Path of Action

XXXI. Do your Duty - But without Concern for the Results

The Shield of Devotion and the Armor of Wisdom
Use Wisdom to Conquer your Inner Enemies
Every Worldly Experience can be traced to Karma
Egoism Develops when you Forget the Indweller
The Body is an inert Thing made of the five Elements
From Sacred Action to Devotional Feelings to Bliss
Food gives Rise to Thoughts, Feelings and Actions
Focus on the Action, Not on the Fruit
Time, Action, Purpose and Result apply only to the Body
Turn Desire towards Wisdom to Gain the Divine Light
The three Types of Actions
Aspire for the Supreme and Never Come Back

XXXII. The Yoga of Action - Relinquishing the Fruit

Transform all your Actions into Sacred Actions and be Free
Turn Actions into Yoga
The Joy of Doing is greater than the Joy of the Rewards
The Gita brings the Highest Wisdom into Daily Life
Janaka and Suka
The Venom must come Out before Teachings can go In
The Fire that brought out the Attachments of the Disciples
Through Arjuna Krishna taught the Whole World
Ordinary Actions, Detached Actions and Sacred Actions
The Gita will give you whatever you are Ready to Receive

XXXIII. Developing the Inner Vision

You cannot Run from your Inner Enemies
Transform all Self-serving Actions into Selfless Actions
Purify your Actions before Offering them to God
The Characteristics of an Enlightened Being
By their Actions People will Reveal their Inner Natures
The Spell of Illusion and its two Powerful Forces
The Power of Maya to Delude can be Permanently Dispelled
A Pure Heart is Free of Attachment and Illusion
Actions without Attachment to the Fruits
From Ordinary Actions to Buddhi Yoga to Karma Yoga
Astavakra at the Assembly of Scholars
Without Inner Vision they were Shoemakers not Scholars
Let all the Poisons emerge Without Interference
The six Spiritual Treasures

XXXIV. Remove Body-Counsciousness - Realize God-Consciousness

You perform Actions in order to Sanctify your Life
Make all your Actions a Sacrifice not a Battle
You are the Atma, You are not this Body
God in Human Form is not limited to the Avatars
Expand your View of Yourself to Understand the Divinity
Go from the Individual to the Society to the Divinity
The Nature of Dharma
Peace can only be found within Yourself
For a Marriage there must be a Husband
Use the Hardships you Encounter as Opportunities and Tests
No Need to Carry your Luggage on your Head
Identify yourself with the Divinity not with your Body