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Sathya Sai Baba
Prema Vahini

Translated from the Original Telugu
Published by Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust
Web posted at Dec 20, 1999

Noble Qualities from the Path for the Aspirant
The Study of Books and One-Pointedness
Sadhana - The Way of Life
The Real Nature of the Life of Man
Identity of Bhakthi and Jnana
The Duties of Life
Sadguna is Jnana
Truth is God
Ahamkara causes Asanthi
Aspirants on the Bhakthi Path
Image Worship
The Need for Sanathana Vidya
The Objective World is not Real
Life is a Journey depending on Samskaras
Engrossed in the Business of Life, Man earns just the Samskaras
Sanathana Dharma is the Divine Mother of Humanity
Sarvaantharyaami is One and Only One
Seeds for the Bhakthi Sprouts
For a Sadhaka, Today is His: but Tomorrow?
Path for a Bhaktha to become a Muktha
Manava and Danava - the Differences in Character
Today's Words are only the Works of Yesterday
Bhakthi is of Two Kinds
Mukthi is of Four Kinds
Sat-Sankalpa is the Path for Attaining the Presence
A Good Character is the Jewel of Human Life
Sahajamaarga, Saadhanamaarga, not the same
The Harvest of a Sadhaka